SUFFER FOREVER corresponds to RITUAL OF ABDUCTION in Stravinsky’s Rite.

in SUFFER FOREVER, The Chosen One becomes aggressor. once again, organ and voice appear in traditional A-B-C-B-C structure with chord progressions inspired by liturgical music. samples/field recordings include a five-alarm housefire captured on iphone and sections of the 10,000 pages being burned which run throughout.

the music is accompanied entirely by sections of Pina Bausch’s choreography of Stravinsky’s Rite.

text, culled from the 10,000 pages:

i’ll suffer forever / unless you obey me

and why am i so beautiful / all the men shave me

i possess you / i eat worlds

fly the flag of night unfurled

stop resisting / dry your tears 

no one hears you way out here (beg for god but god’s not here)

bile and cruelty / discipline

choose the ditch they find you in

all your screaming / what’s it worth

bitches get what they deserve

and i don’t suffer anymore


read more about the project BURN EVERYTHING here.

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