The Palmist’s Field Guide from Stephen Wren on Vimeo.

RISE O RISE is comprised of processed vocals, manipulated through body-contact bent fx.

This piece is derived from a text piece I wrote as part of a Mass of Hours. The medieval mass form has always been fascinating to me, and for RISE O RISE text has been sung and broken into minute, heavily processed loops which form the entirety of the piece —  text is performed simultaneously in several forms/timbres beyond what is heard by the ear.

rise O rise

RISE O RISE is an homage of sorts to PEROTIN.

Words said for RISE O RISE include:

 “sounds like a dream i had where Nazis were trying to take my family from a mammoth church made of dirt tunnels where hundreds of children in white robes sung with their eyes shut until they were shot. Every time a child was shot, a Nazi would melt into the ground” – Troy Naumoff, Paul Kidney Experience

 “i feel like i just fell out of my safetyshell inside of an enormous black machine” – Blake Butler, author of Scorch Atlas , There is No Year , Nothing , SKY SAW , etc.

“the end sounds a bit like the beginning of a will smith movie.” – Nathan Shaw, Krautrock enthusiast.

RISE O RISE was featured in video artist Stephen Wren’s piece The Palmist’s Field Guide, displayed above.

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